The best will cost LESS

The best will cost LESS - Our slab prices have come WAY DOWN!

End grain on a log

The kilns are full, the warehouse is TOO SMALL, and we have containers on the way, so we are dramatically lowering prices! All inventory online and in the warehouse is undergoing deep price reductions. We are excited to bring new pricing to our clientele so that the famous CS Woods quality is more accessible. Many rough slabs are seeing $500 to $1000 or more price reductions, and we are hoping that this helps our woodworking community put more money in their pockets. Excitingly, the upcoming kiln drop and the delivery of Greek Walnut will continue with our new pricing.

With renewed affordability on our inventory, we look forward to continuing to bring in the very best slabs available and ensuring that the Rocky Mountain region has continued access to the biggest most beautiful slabs with the lowest moisture content and tension on the market.

When you are looking for wood for a new project, we encourage you to come in or call our sales staff!  We're motivated to get that wood you need into the shop, and support the project in any way you need. The team is full of deals to give, advice for those that need it and Holiday Cheer to spread around! Come and take advantage of it!

CS Woods back wall of slabs in the Denver, Colorado warehouse




December 07, 2023 — Alana Mace