Customize Your Workspace with an Adjustable Standing Desk and solid wood slab surface!

Whether you are working remotely or going into the office, productivity paired with comfort always yields the best results.  Investing in a workspace that brings out your best is a top priority.  Pairing the luxury and inspiration of a unique, beautiful solid wood surface with a versatile base will give you a lifetime of top performance.

A height-adjustable standing desk allows you to move from sitting to standing to kneeling (or bouncing on your big blue ball) throughout the day while maintaining focus and sticking with your projects.  We even have a customer with an ultra-slim treadmill they slide under a custom Claro walnut CS Woods top on a Jarvis desk base.  A surface that inspires paired with sit-to-stand technology is an investment that will pay off, spectacularly beautiful while bringing us closer to nature and reminding us to stay grounded.

CS Woods solid wood slab surfaces can be custom made for the sit-to-stand base of your choice.  All our tops are Rocky Mountain kiln dried in-house and handmade in our woodshop. You can select the slab of your choice, size and determine the right shape for your space online, via email, or by visiting our open 20,000 square foot warehouse in Denver, Colorado.  Our tops are finished with a tough, water/alcohol resistant, sustainable, natural and earth-friendly polymerized tung oil and Uralkyd resin. They are sand polished and refinishable for life, a true heirloom item that can be repurposed again and again to suit changing requirements of space or function.

Imagine the joy of being able to adjust your desk height at the touch or a button!  We all know we shouldn't sit all day, and we also know standing all day is just as bad.  These desks can do it all.

In our showroom, CS Woods pairs its solid wood surfaces with the Jarvis adjustable-height desk base. Jarvis is a great financial choice and offers all the of the bells and whistles with great quality.  Adding a CS Woods slab top gets you a luxury item at a great price point.  Jarvis offers a huge adjustment range, excellent stability, a long warranty, and reliable customer support.  Accessories available include desk drawers and monitor arms. 

Jarvis also offers an additional benefit of custom adjustment for height.  Few of us are exactly average height, making the standard 29 to 30 inches of a regular desk too high or too low for us ergonomically.  The body mechanics of being forced to adjust to "standard" can have long term consequences. 

A new desk is a big investment.  We promise it is one you will not regret.

We have one-of-a-kind tops available now.

Examples of Tops:

  • North American Black Walnut
    Dimensions: 72" long x 25 1/2" wide x 2" thick. Height with base: Jarvis adjustable desk frame adjusts from 23.75" to 49.25" (add 2" for black walnut desktop) 

    Black Walnut Live Edge Sit-Stand Adjustable Height Desk
  • Quarter Cut Red Oak
    Dimensions: 72" long x 26" - 17" - 28 1/2" wide (average 44") x 1 1/4" thick. Height with base: Jarvis adjustable desk frame adjusts from 23.75" to 49.25" (add 1 1/4" for red oak desktop) 

    Live Edge Sit-Stand Adjustable Height Desk from CS Woods

  • Snake River Elm
    Dimensions: 56" long x 32 1/2" to 26" to 29" wide (average 44") x 1 1/2" thick. Height with base: Jarvis adjustable desk frame adjusts from 23.75" to 49.25" (add 1 1/2" for elm desktop) 

    Elm live edge slab sit to stand adjustable height desk