EcoPoxy makes our preferred brand of epoxy for large pours or river tables.

In our showroom, we carry:

  • FlowCast® - various sizes from 750ml to 30L - fills for 1/2" +
  • UV Poxy - various sizes
  • White FlowCast (SnowWhite) - 
  • GloPoxy
  • Pigments - liquid
  • Metallic Color Pigments - powder (17+ colors)
  • Polyester Color Glitter 

FlowCast® is a casting epoxy resin that can provide a great clear fill or pigments can be added to create custom colors and effects. It is a two part epoxy, that can be poured in thickness of 1.5" and be layered to create deeper fills.  It can be worked using the same tools used for woodworking. 

FlowCast has a low viscosity, which allows bubbles to come to the surface easily.  This also means that it loves to escape! Be sure your mold is sealed well. Below are just a few tips about best practices for getting great results. Come in and chat with us more about doing your own pour!

ExoPoxy is a Canadian based company creates a 100% bio-based epoxy. 

Tips and Tricks:

  • Tape the inside of your mold with tape (we have a few we recommend for this process)! The epoxy doesn’t bond to the tape, which makes getting the mold off a lot easier.
  • Seal the surfaces of your fills with a coat of Universal Sanding Sealer painted on first. (Epoxy can be used, but it may cause haloing). Doing this keeps air bubbles from seeping in to the main pour (particularly where epoxy will meet live edge).
  • To keep most of the epoxy in the void (instead of spilling out onto the face of the slab) outline the pour with silicone caulk. This creates a little dam and keeps control of the overflow.

EcoPoxy has a handy-dandy volume calculator on their website that can help you determine the volume of product that your project is going to require. 

The color pigments can be used to attain a solid or semi-translucent, uniform color effect.  Pigments can be mixed to create unique combinations and various pigmented epoxies can be swirled to create a more marbleized effect. The pigments have high tinting properties. Start with the below recommended amounts:

Color Pigment added to FlowCast®:

  • Translucent opacity: 1/16 tsp/litre
  • Medium opacity: ¼ tsp/litre
  • Opaque solid opacity: ½ tsp/litre

EcoPoxy has a great list of tips and tricks on pigment mixing!