EcoPoxy is our preferred brand of epoxy for large pours or river tables. The Canadian based company creates a 100% bio-based product. 

We carry:

  • FlowCast - various sizes from 750ml to 30L
  • UV Poxy - various sizes
  • White FlowCast (SnowWhite) - 
  • GloPoxy
  • Pigments - liquid
  • Metallic Color Pigments - powder (17+ colors)
  • Polyester Color Glitter 

Unlike some other epoxies, EcoPoxy has a low viscosity, so be sure your mold is sealed well. We have lots tips about best practices for getting great results. Come in and chat with us about doing your own pour!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Tape the inside of your mold with Tyvek tape! The epoxy doesn’t bond to the tape, which makes getting the mold off a lot easier.
  • Seal your fills with a coat of epoxy painted on first. Doing this keeps air bubbles from seeping in to the main pour (particularly where epoxy will meet live edge).
  • EcoPoxy doesn’t have it marked on the containers, but the resin will crystalize. The resin is still usable, it just needs to be given a hot bath. Once it has cooled back down to room temperature, you’re good to mix. More on this can be found on their website. 
  • To keep most of the epoxy in the void (instead of spilling out onto the face of the slab) outline the pour with silicone caulk. This creates a little dam and keeps control of the overflow.

EcoPoxy can be poured thick (some have done 4”), which makes it great for doing a big fill all at once. The open time is long and the viscosity is low which allows the air bubbles to come to the surface and pop on their own.