Trees are special and have stories to tell! Although CS Woods can’t save every tree, we are always on the lookout for beautiful specimens to sequester that carbon and preserve their story. If you are in Colorado or Northern New Mexico, and you have a superlative old tree that is dying, recently deceased (already removed) or must be removed for safety, you may send us photos and dimensions and we’ll see if it is ready to be turned into gorgeous slabs.

If you are in another part of the country, we recommend that you reach out to your local sawmill or lumber company and see if your tree may be of interest to them.


We have a family of sawyers and sawmills we have been working with for many years, but we are always interested in making new acquaintances in the industry and seeing what they have to offer. We are very careful about our chain of custody and the sustainable nature of our inventory. If you are a sawyer who is interested in becoming a supplier, please email us you contact information, company story, wood origin and care process along with some photos of the very best you have to offer! We are also interested if you have a large exceptional old collection you would like to share with us.  Please email us photos!

For every tree we choose to add to our inventory we have a story. These are often  treasured memories, sometimes surprising and historically significant ones, and once in a while funny ones.  We take great joy in sharing these stories with our clients so that they become a part of it and can keep those stories alive.

We do not buy single logs/trees unless you are local.