Come try out the new Shaper Origin + Workstation (an easy-to-use handheld CNC router that brings digital precision to the craft of woodworking) in our showroom!  We have machines in stock and would love to give you a demo!  You can get your hands on one and chat with a knowledgeable sales person while seeing all of the incredible things it can do.  We use our inhouse machine often and would be happy share our experiences with it. 

Shaper makes Origin, the world’s first handheld CNC machine. Origin combines precision and repeatability with unprecedented flexibility. Designed with professional woodworkers in mind, Origin simplifies complex activities and workflows in woodshops and fabrication facilities across the country.

Origin can be used on any flat surface. Precise cuts can be made on floors, built-ins, countertops, and other finished pieces using standard cutters. With Shaper Origin + Workstation you can create perfect box joints, mortise and tenon joinery, and more with ease and accuracy.  Unlike other power tools, Origin’s over-the-air updates mean that it gets better and more powerful as you use it. 

With the onboard computer, you can cut designs that are drawn on the fly, loaded from a USB drive, or synced to your ShaperHub account. ShaperHub also has a library of projects to try!

Shaper Display in the Showroom at CS Woods