African Mahogany (also known as “Sipo” or “Utile”) has a rich red color with golden sapwood.  The interlocking grain is figured and when finished, and it has a high chatoyance (striking optical quality in which areas of light and dark grain shift and change position depending on the angle of view, like gemstones). Sipo African mahogany slabs are highly regarded and are an environmentally conscious choice while being aesthetically the closest to “Genuine” mahogany.  

CSWoods purchased two sustainably harvested African mahogany trees from the Central African Republic and we were onsite when they were carefully milled into 80 huge live edge slabs in Germany. The slabs were precisely kiln dried to CS Woods Rocky Mountain Kiln Dry specifications and then shipped directly from Germany to us in Denver. All our slabs are kiln dry and ready to be used. 

Our Sipo Mahogany is available in wide, thick and long slabs which are prefect for large dining or conference tables.  We are also willing to cut to size, making it accessible for any project.  These slabs are spectacular, yet very affordable option for a live edge or thick project.

See this collection to view some of the slabs we have available:


African Mahogany Sipo Live Edge Table by CS Woods