• I have wood to sell! Is CS Woods interested in buying my old collection/wood in my shed / tree in my yard, etc...

    Check out this page for more information on what we purchase, why, and how to get information to us if you would like to: 
  • Shipping/Delivery

    We are happy to ship to you! Our slabs, wood, furniture, and most of our shop products can all be shipped anywhere in the world.  We use UPS, FedEx, the USPS and LTL depending on what you need.  
  • Return Policy

    We want you to love what you have purchased from CS Woods!  We exchange or refund wood in original condition minus a small restocking fee. Unopened shop products can be returned for 30 days. Custom work can be returned on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to us and we can discuss the best way forward. We do not accept returns on items that have been cut or altered. We do not refund freight, or cost of return freight.

  • Does CS Woods offer Leveling Services?

    Yes! CS Woods does in-house milling in our Denver warehouse and showroom using our WoodWiz machine. The WoodWiz bed can process slabs up to 65” wide and 205” long. We  level, gauge, and sand slabs for stock and custom mill to spec our slabs for woodworkers and clients. These services are available on a case by case basis to customers bringing in their own wood as well. Our staff will evaluate the wood by checking integrity, taking the current moisture content, checking levelness and estimating for final thickness. The base rate for the WoodWizz services is $192 an hour (this includes the operator). We do not level slabs that have large epoxy pours. CS Woods is serious about our hardwood sawdust and keeps it containment free! It is used by some of the top mushroom growers in the Rocky Mountain Region!

  • Is your material kiln dried?

    Collector’s Specialty Woods has been perfecting the kiln drying of live edge slabs for over 30 years and we are experts in the industry. The slabs in our Denver warehouse have been carefully dried for use in the Rocky Mountain region, a maximum of 8% moisture content and normally as low as 6%. Our technique, developed through many years of experience, uses heat, relative humidity and air flow to control the drying process and create the least amount of internal tension in the wood. We run a Nyle dehumidification kiln and a Vacutherm vacuum kiln that are monitored 24 hours a day with in-wood sensors that export constant data to our computer system. Our kiln operator understands how moisture is drawn from not only the surface of the plank but from deep inside the core structure and his process drops moisture content while maximizing the workability of the wood by minimizing internal tensions.

  • Isn’t air drying better?

    For eons the most popular method of drying wood was air drying and depending upon the climate, species, lumber thickness and time, moisture levels under 20% could be achieved. Today, open yard air drying is no longer widely accepted as a quality drying method for hardwood lumber. Degrade and quality losses such as color fading, splits, cracks, checks and warps are common in air dried wood. Now that buildings are heated and airconditioned the indoor environment requires a very low moisture content to remain stable year round, especially in the dry Rocky Mountain west.

  • What’s a dehumidification kiln?

    The dehumidification kiln is essentially a closed structure in which water is removed from the air in the kiln by passing warm, moist air across cold coils. The moisture in the air is condensed into liquid. When vapor is condensed it releases energy which can be used to heat the dehumidified air before it passes back into the kiln. In dehumidification drying the wood can develop stresses which are eased by careful equalizing and conditioning of the wood through strategic additions of moisture at the end of the drying process.

  • What are wood defects?
    Don’t tell the wood we talk about it this way.

    Drying defects include surface checks, end checks, internal checks (honeycomb), shake (separation of the annual rings), collapse, discoloration, stain, sticker stain, and what is sometimes referred to as casehardening (internal tension). Warp defects include bow, crook, twist, kink and cup and are often the result of poor sawing technique combined with the stresses of kiln drying. At CSWoods


  • Natural live edge slabs and solid wood surfaces
  • Furniture grade dimensional lumber
  • Custom sourcing and fabrication on any scale
  • Experienced working on large scale or multi-surface projects
  • Retail and commercial solutions from display to boardroom and office
  • Urban reclaimed and sustainable sources. Our wood comes with a story.
  • To the trade, woodshop, contractor, designer or homeowner, our staff is ready to help
  • Focus on domestic species
  • Fourth generation family business

We make shopping for live edged wood slabs and specialty lumber as easy as possible. Click and buy directly from our website and have your wood show up at your door properly packed and at the right moisture content for creating your project. 

Need more help?  Our sales team is ready to help you select wood via phone and email or on-site. The Denver warehouse is open to the public and you are welcome to spend time wandering through the stacks to get familiar with the variety of wood species and slab sizes we carry. We often have groups in our warehouse that include the designers and architect, the wood craftsmen and the customers entire family collaborating on a project, looking for a massive slab of wood that speaks to their collective dream. We are experts at sourcing material for complex commercial jobs that include multiple pieces, take offs from construction plans, tight timelines, and demanding specifications. Custom millshops love working with our stable Rocky Mountain Kiln Dry slabs. Our warehouse features a drive in area for ease of loading in any weather and we are experts at shipping our slabs all over the country.

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