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Largest selection of kiln dry live edge slabs

CSWoods offers natural live edge slabs and specialty lumber. Our wood is Rocky Mountain kiln dried and ready to be used throughout the USA. We focus on American hardwoods and sustainably harvested and reclaimed material. Our extended family of sawyers, collectors, and woodsmen provides us with access to particularly hard to find, large, high quality, specialty wood slabs.

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Environmental Art in Traditional Form

Environmental Art in Traditional Form

At CS Woods, we work almost exclusively with a raw material from nature, crafting them to be both functional and beautiful. The tree is our passion and inspiration and our relationship with trees includes honoring their ecological past and investing in their preservation as an environmental cornerstone. 
October 24, 2022
Blamburger Recipe

Blamburger Recipe

Did you know that Kent's parents once owned a restaurant and gallery in Aspen, Colorado called Toklat? This recipe, courtesy of his mom, Isabel Mace, has been our families go to summer BBQ staple for years, and we wanted to share it with you!
August 26, 2022
From nut to table: the story of walnut trees in America

From nut to table: the story of walnut trees in America

CS Woods currently carries slabs and dimensional lumber in five different types of walnuts, each with their own qualities and colors. Globally, walnut (scientific name: juglans) includes 21 species and can be found across continents from Europe to Japan...
June 28, 2022

Thousands of Slabs

Can't find that perfect piece of wood for your woodshop?  Want to talk about a design for your commercial space or home?

There are thousands more slabs and planks in our warehouse than on our website. Contact us and tell us what you're looking for. We have the right wood for your project, Rocky Mountain kiln dry and ready to ship or be picked up today!