Rare CS Woods Legacy Collection Piece
A very special table becomes available!

Maple live edge slab with custom chestnut stain
12' long x 43" to 52" wide x 2"
Table is in two halves with domino JCB connectors.
Three custom trapeze legs.
Maple live edge dining table

Custom tables from CS Woods are made to last lifetimes, but sometimes life changes, and it is time for a new table! We custom made this table for clients in 2018. It was loved, cared for and moved to a new space, but it is time for our friends to downsize, and this table no longer fits their lifestyle. As we create a new table in the right size for their new space, the clients would like to make this stunning piece available to a new family or company who can use it at its current size. CS Woods will warranty the table and provide installation and logistics. 

CS Woods is excited to offer this custom made table at a sizeable discount to the new owner, as our client would really love for this table to go to a new space and be of service! 

Maple live edge dining table

Maple live edge dining table

Maple live edge dining table leg installation
December 05, 2023 — Alana Mace