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Slabs in various species and shapes in the CS Woods Denver Warehouse

FAQ! Where do we get our woods?
When visitors first open the door to our warehouse they are often speechless for a short period of time; then the first question is almost always, "where do you get the woods?" Well, did you know that my grandfather started the collection in the 1940's and we still have some of that wood on the floor! We have been collecting and preserving trees for generations. Much of our collection is composed of domestic hardwoods, carefully hand selected though our extended network of sawyers and woodsmen who share our commitment to sustainability and preservation. Our collection is also composed of species from around the world that come from places that are able to match our ethics and sourcing standards. In the last few years, after installing our own large mill, we have increased our collection of local woods as well! The CS Woods collection represents a true passion for the woods of the world, and a strong commitment to story and sustainability. Every piece in our collection has an origin story, which we look forward to sharing with you. Come visit us and walk the world of wood! ~Alana

Our product is unique in that it is renewable, sustainable, carbon negative, recyclable, and 100% biodegradable. Our mission as a company is to keep the processing and energy footprint of that product as low as possible. We have invested heavily in kilns, tools, and power that directly help keep our impact low. We work to carry that through to our custom, hand crafted furniture as well by keeping in mind environmental biophilic design. Non-sustainable and unethically made furniture will end up in a landfill, even if the base material has been sourced and processed sustainably. Design choices can change the nature of the wood so much that it no longer can be considered environmentally friendly. Using too much epoxy, essentially plastic, can quickly lower the sustainability of a product. Although epoxy can be useful to make more character slabs a useable surface by filling in voids and gaps, limiting its use, and being mindful of the impact is essential. Did you know that the cost of epoxy by the board foot far exceeds even the most expensive slab we sell?

The impacts of our actions and our products matter. We create products that exist in harmony with our natural environment while working at a standard of quality that lasts lifetimes, seeking to design spaces and products that are mindful, ethical and biophilic, grounding you in the natural world.

Priced to FLY out the door! We are making space for a full kiln load that will arrive in our Denver warehouse in a couple of months and a shipping container that is floating our direction, and you get a steal of a deal in the process! Check out the sale section of the website to grab some epic deals before they are gone!

Current slab wood sales at CS Woods

We are expecting a very exciting container from across the “pond”. A couple of special trees are making their way to CS Woods Denver carefully, if a bit slowly. We hand selected these logs and had them milled and kiln dried to our CS Woods Rocky Mountain specifications in Germany. There will be three boules of Wenge and two boules of Khaya! We are excited to have them in stock and up for sale by the beginning of February.

Wenge is one of the very darkest woods! It has a nearly 100% black color tone with dark brown highlighting streaks and distinctive figure with a characteristic open pored structure. It is a unique and exotic choice for projects while also being practical and durable. As a wood species it is exceptionally hard and heavy. Our Wenge is hand sourced and FSC certified.

With an excellent natural luster and heartwood of rich mahogany browns highlighted with a very pale pink, Khaya (also know as African Mahogany) has good working properties and an interlocking yet tight grain pattern that won’t fuzz with hand or power planning. We expect the quarter sawn surfaces to have ribbon striping and are excited to share photos once it arrives! This species finishes beautifully, holds carved and routed details very well without brittle edges and will make gorgeous surfaces as well as a variety of millwork.

We also carry Sapele and Sipo/Utile, which are very similar species to Khaya African Mahogany!

Wenge and Khaya Mahogany Logs ready for milling into live edge slabs

You can now request a custom quote on our website! Check out the link to learn more!

And, once you have made a custom quote request, did you know that we do custom layouts for customers? Fill out our quote request or call us with your project and our team will match a selection of woods in our warehouse to your project and then pull and lay out those pieces for you, a design team, a contractor, or a woodworker and their client! Let's make use of our HUGE heated indoor warehouse floor. We have the chalk and are ready to draw up projects and help you maximize budget and find the perfect piece.

Wood Layout in the CS Woods Denver warehouse
January 17, 2024 — Alana Mace