Environmental Art in Traditional Form

At CS Woods, we work almost exclusively with a raw material from nature, crafting it to be both functional and beautiful. The tree is our passion and inspiration and our relationship with trees includes honoring their ecological past and investing in their preservation as an environmental cornerstone. Humans have always used art to connect with nature, from the cave paintings of trees and lightening to landscape painting to the in-Situ movement. Environmental art takes this need to connect further through the use of nature’s raw material as the medium.  As we continue to grow in our appreciation and age, we are more and more moved into conservation and encouraging appreciation of this medium.  Bringing a piece of carefully crafted wood into your space raises awareness and strengthens your bond with nature. It encourages citizen participation in its protection, promoting conservation.

Through CS Woods environmental art, you can bring the harmony of nature into your daily life. The beauty encouraging you to take care of it, as well as yourself.


October 24, 2022 — Alana Mace