Iroko Coffee Table


  • Dimensions: 38 3/4" long x 37 1/2" wide x 2" thick
    Height with base: 18"

  • Wood: Iroko 
    Sourced:  Log, Republic of Congo, verified, sustainably harvested
    Milled and kiln dried: Germany, Huxohl Sawmill

  • Description:  Square ends with natural shaped edges. Beautiful, solid butter scotch color with cream colored sapwood edges. A tough, hard wood.

  • Legs: Pictured with hand forged steel custom art base ($2400)

    Material: 3/4" thickness 3/4" in matte black - made by Blacksmith David Norrie 

  • Finish: Sand polished from 80 to 400 grit. Tough - water/alcohol resistant. Six coats of sustainable, natural and earth-friendly polymerized Tung oil and Uralkyd resin.
    - Refinishable

    Top and legs priced separately.

    Top - $2586
    Base - $2100 (additional 75 lbs) (height is 16")

    Inventory #2029
    Top can be paired with hair pin legs instead.