African Mahogany (Sipo) Dining Table


  • Dimensions: 112 1/2" long x 43"- 45"- 42 1/1" wide x 2 3/8" thick
    Height with base: 30"

  • Wood: African Mahogany - Sipo 
    Sourced: Republic of Congo by way of Huxohl Sawmill in Germany, sustainably harvested

  • Kiln dried by Huxohl Sawmill in Germany

  • Description: A huge, clear plank. Grain has a beautiful light chatoyant ribbon figure.

  • Legs: Pier chevron with adjustable height levelers 
    Material: 1' x 3" steel tubing with 1/4" thick steel top plate
    Finish: textured matte black powder coat
  • Finish: Tough - water/alcohol resistant. Six coats of sustainable, natural and earth-friendly polymerized Tung oil and Uralkyd resin.
    Sand polished  - Refinishable

    Price includes legs