CS Woods and the Science in Design Summit 2024
Collector's Specialty Woods is excited to be a sponsor of the SCIENCE IN DESIGN SUMMIT 2024. We hope you had an opportunity to put your hands on our tables for some biophilic inspiration and perhaps even caught Kent's talk over lunch! We are thankful that we had an opportunity to meet you all and enjoy a day full of knowledge and exciting new industry concepts at the IDC Building.  As experts in aesthetically pleasing and mentally beneficial design solutions, we are so excited to see such momentum and passion. 

You are invited to continue the conversation!
Tour our Denver warehouse and bring your design team and clients! We want to introduce you to Colorado's premier collection of natural live edge wood slabs and think up new ways to incorporate their benefits into your spaces. We look forward to working with you to create one-of-a-kind biophilic moments for commercial and residential spaces.  

We also recommend you take the time to check out the new show at the Denver Art Museum! Biophilia: Nature Reimagined brings together more than 80 imaginative works, including architectural models and photographs, objects, fashion, digital installations, and immersive art experiences that collectively highlight the transformative power of nature.
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Legacy Through Sustainable Quality

CS Woods is a multi-generational craftsman-focused specialty woods company based in Denver. As a Colorado Heritage family business, we're deeply committed to sustainability and quality. Stuart Mace, our founder’s father, a botanist and nature lover, inspired a love for specialty wood and conservation that has been passed down through the generations. The Mace family legacy of environmental stewardship and respect for nature has guided our mission to ethically source, craft, and supply specialty woods.


 About CS Woods

Our extensive selection and unwavering dedication to customer service makes CS Woods a skilled craftsman’s first choice. We offer superior milling, drying, storage, strategy, and logistics than anyone else in Colorado. Our products are renewable, sustainable, carbon negative, recyclable, and 100% biodegradable, ensuring a stewardship that future generations can rely on.

Nature & Artistry Converge

At CS Woods, we blend the beauty of specialty wood with the mastery of craftsmanship, creating custom pieces that evoke emotions, spark conversations, and stand the test of time. We prioritize excellence in every aspect of our process, from sourcing the finest materials to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Through our dedication to storytelling and fostering connections, we strive to leave a lasting legacy of beauty, artistry, and meaningful connection in every piece we create.

Partner with CS Woods

At CS Woods, we partner with designers, corporations, homeowners, contractors, and custom furniture builders. 

As a client-led design and build company, we take pride in being a trusted supplier of expertly kiln-dried, full-thickness slabs, and specialty lumber. We’re passionate about perfectly pairing the right specialty wood piece with each customer. 

Our team is ready to help you select wood on site or via phone and email. The Denver warehouse is open to the public, and you are welcome to spend time wandering through the stacks to get familiar with the variety of wood species and slab sizes we carry. 

We look forward to collaborating with you!

Learn more about working with CS Woods and submit a custom quote request here.

Kent with the Big Leaf Maple Burls

The Woods' Story

Our product is unique in that it is renewable, sustainable, carbon negative, recyclable, and 100% biodegradable. Our mission as a company is to keep the processing and energy footprint of that product as low as possible. We have invested heavily in kilns, tools, and power that directly help keep our impact low. We work to carry that through to our custom, hand crafted furniture as well by keeping in mind environmental biophilic design. Non-sustainable and unethically made furniture will end up in a landfill, even if the base material has been sourced and processed sustainably. Design choices can change the nature of the wood so much that it no longer can be considered environmentally friendly. 

Learn more about the CS Woods commitment to sustainability and how that echo's throughout out our company and our products here on our Blog. 

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