CS Woods Story and Commitment to Sustainable Wood

Welcome to the CS Woods Family!

If you’re familiar with CS Woods, you may know that we’re a multi-generational family business. Working with family may not be for everyone, but it sure is working for us! The passion for Collector’s Specialty Woods has been passed down through four generations. We each augment the caliber of CS Woods, using our unique skill sets to produce premium sustainable wood products and creating an unforgettable experience for our customers. 

CS Woods is an established craftsman focused lumber company, in Denver, Colorado. We’ve made a name for ourselves in the industry over the years. Our success can be attributed to our commitment to sustainability and strong family-owned roots, both of which have stood the test of time. As a Colorado Heritage family, we’re deeply committed to protecting the spirit, source, and story of each piece of wood we interact with.

CS Woods’ Story

At CS Woods, we take pride in being a hands-on, hardworking family unit that’s focused on quality wood products that tell a story. We care for each client as if they were a part of our own family. At the heart of it, we aspire to translate your vision into a tangible specialty wood piece that evokes a sense of wonder and lasts for generations. Similarly, CS Woods has lasted for generations. Today, we’re sharing the origin of CS Woods, how we’ve evolved over the years, and where we’re heading! 

Kent’s dad was a botanist and nature lover who cherished wood. His father’s money frequently went towards acquiring a prestigious wood collection. Kent helped store the wood collection, which continued to grow over time. Kent’s father encouraged him to participate in a woodworking apprenticeship. After completing the apprenticeship, this father-son team opened a gallery together in Aspen. They had the passion, skills, and family dynamic that propelled their business to thrive. 

22 years ago, Kent made the brave decision to take to the road, buying wood from all over the U.S. His passion evolved into Collectors Specialty Woods, and he landed in Denver, Colorado where he now runs CS Woods with his wife, Gayle, and children, Alana and Amos. 

Running together as a family business, we’ve completed 1000’s of projects. Alana and her brother grew up in the wood shop. After attending college, they returned to the family business ready to pursue their family business endeavors as a team. 

Our passion for wood and the environment extends to serving the community. Kent is involved in the local community, and he even made the conservation-levy! Coming from a family of environmental conservationists involved in Aspen Center for Environmental Studies at Ashcroft, the respect for nature has carried throughout the generations. 

CS Woods has remained a family business, instilling a heart for philanthropic efforts echoed by our family members and business. CS Woods is dedicated to ethically sourcing wood and sharing our passion responsibly. 

Importance of Sustainable Wood

We take sustainable wood seriously around here. CS Woods ensures sustainable wood practices to avoid depleting forests or harming ecosystems. This plays an important role in maintaining biodiversity, reducing carbon emissions, and preserving our planet. By adhering to sustainable wood practices, our clients can rest assured that forests are managed responsibly, with a focus on regeneration and long-term sustainability.

The impact of sustainable wood on the environment is hugely important. Responsible harvesting practices help reduce deforestation, allowing forests to recover and continue to thrive. As a result, habitats for various plants and animals remain safe and sound. 

CS Woods is committed to harvesting sustainably in order to protect the environment and reduce waste. Our aim is for forests to grow back and stay healthy, so we can keep using its resources without running out or causing irreparable damage. Sustainable wood is all about using trees from forests without harming them and considering long-term effects.

By choosing CS Woods, you’re supporting a local Denver business that respects both nature and the community. We provide a way to enjoy high-quality, unique wood products while helping ensure there’s enough for future generations. After all, we want our children’s children to have access to nature, and we look forward to many more generations of CS Woods!

Speaking of the future, here’s what’s coming up!

Looking Forward

While Kent admittedly has a hard time parting with the unique pieces we create, he’s more than happy to share his passion for specialty wood and pair our beautifully crafted specialty wood with the right match. Much like our family history, each piece of wood carries a unique story embedded in its DNA. Just ask Kent!

At CS Woods, we remain committed to advancing our sustainability practices through innovation and offering specialty wood that sparks conversation, admiration, and connection. 

If you’re looking to elevate a space, we’d love to guide you through our inventory and discuss custom woodworking based on your needs and desires. Reach out when you’re ready or swing by our shop in Denver, Colorado to see for yourself!

May 01, 2024 — Alana Mace