Mounting Legs with Insert Nuts

Ever wondered how we mount our custom powder coated steel legs to our beautiful wood tops? The secret is out: threaded insert nuts. Using insert nuts ensures that the legs can be taken off and put back on as many times as needed, without stripping the wood. A lot of the time, our tops are too big to go through a door with the legs attached. Maneuvering a big table around is only made harder by having heavy steel legs attached, so removing legs as needed is a welcome relief to arms and backs. 

What you’ll need:

  • Drill (we use two to speed up the process, but one is just fine)
  • ⅜” Brad point drill bit
  • Counter sink
  • Insert nut drive 
  • Drill guide (this is not absolutely necessary, but it makes a big difference in making sure the holes are perfectly vertical)
  • Dead blow
  • Blue tape


Step 1: Find Leg Placement

First, you want to make sure your legs are in the best position. You want the legs to be in the most functional, aesthetic, and supportive place. Use blue tape to outline where the leg will be mounted on the slab, and with a dead blow and a drill bit, tap a little mark on the bottom of the slab through the mounting holes on the legs. 

Step 2: Drill Holes for Insert Nut

Set the legs aside and drill out holes for the insert nut based on where the tap marks are. We use a drill guide to make sure the holes are straight up and down. Countersink the hole so the insert will be shy of the surface of the wood. (Vacuum the holes out as you drill and countersink!)

Step 3: Drill in Insert Nut

Sink insert down into the hole. Flip legs back over onto the slab, and voilà! Your legs are mounted with insert nuts.

The end product:

March 04, 2020 — Alana Mace