52 Foot Community Table - Single Log

One of a kind community table with seating for fifty crafted from a single log.

CS Woods locally sourced a lightning struck, dead standing, high altitude Engelmann Spruce, that became the foundation for this fifty two foot table. The tree was carefully felled and moved to our woodyard and woodshop in Southern Colorado. The log was milled through-and-through and then the halves were placed end to end to complete the length. The live edge was 3D mapped at leg and log intersections. Five perfectly scribed laser cut steel legs were made to cradle the log. The legs were bolted into the structure of the building in order to support the 22,000 pound table. Inlets were routed into each side of the length to house smoked glass that runs the full length of fifty two feet on each side. Narrow tunnels were carefully chiseled through the width of the tree that house steel beams to support the glass. The log was gently finished by hand with environmentally conscious products.

The fourth floor location required the coordination of both crane and gantry install. The steel legs, glass and log were carefully lifted to and through a large window and received on the other side by gantry. The logs were carefully lowered into the scribed legs and secured. Final sanding, finishing and install of glass was completed in the clients space.

BPX 52' Log Table from the north side

The original concept and design emphasis was placed on beauty, sustainability and originality. The table is a gathering place for both dining and business, one that invites casual conversation, all hands meetings, and acts naturally as both a communication hub and a community lunch table. The table runs parallel to a wall of data monitors on one side and a mountain view with elevated open workspaces to the west. The original concept and design came from Workplace Elements and the client. Collector's Specialty Woods helped evolve the design and executed it.

This log table was one of 18 tables we competed for the same space, including a twenty six foot inverted river table out of black walnut and fourteen live edge conference tables out of elm.

 52' Log Table Build - Initial steps - Log arrival and milling

52' Log Table Build - some of the woodworking steps

52' Log Table Build - Custom Base

Crane and Gantry Delivery

 52' BPX log table with monitors and chairs

January 22, 2020 — Alana Mace