Design Collaboration
Our design process is centered around your vision and need! We'll collaborate closely with you to transform ideas into a tangible reality and select exactly the right wood for the project. We can work from completely original concepts, be led by the form and function, and provide expert guidance to ensure 100% satisfaction with the process and final product. 

Our team offers onsite templating, custom designed installation to project specifications, and responsive and comprehensive customer service.

This careful visioning step includes:
Drawings review, detailed measurements, color choices and species selection, design style, final physical location, and finish styles.

Design Finalization
We will work hand-in-hand to bring ideas to life. Visit our showroom either in person or virtually and engage with our knowledgeable staff to refine the specifics of your project. We'll keep you informed throughout the process, providing drawings, materials, and other relevant details. We understand that the design process can be unfamiliar territory, and we have decades of experience ensuring that the process fits the client. We are experts in direct to client, corporate team or client/designer design/build styles. 

Quote and Deposit
Once our team has meticulously crafted your vision, and the wood for your project has been selected, you'll receive a detailed email quote outlining your project's specifications and costs. Upon acceptance and payment of the initial deposit of the cost of the wood, your project will be scheduled for production. Please note that our current lead time for all orders is approximately 10-12 weeks.

During Fabrication
We will keep your updated during the fabrication process. Our team will send process photos and ensure you're are informed and involved. During this time, we can make additional site visits for installation planning or plan logistics for shipping/pickup.  

Final Product
When your project is complete, you'll receive photos and a reminder to settle the remaining balance. Once the payment is finalized the finished piece will be carefully installed by our team, packed and shipped with full unpacking and care instructions, or can be picked up from our warehouse in Denver, Colorado.