Black walnut, mango, mesquite, and hackberry are just a few of the options that we have ready for immediate installation - all available at a 15% discount until Christmas! Bring home a gift that keeps on giving and is just about the most useful and family oriented thing you can buy this holiday season ~ a table to make you smile every time you sit down to share a meal with friends and family. Take advantage of this sale NOW, as the tables won't be around for long at these prices! We are excited to help you design your dream table as well!

Visit our Ready-to-Deliver collection now! 


If the Ready-to-Deliver Colorado Collection doesn't have exactly what you are looking for, our staff will help you hand select the right wood for your project and our design team can ensure we make your vision a reality! Take a tour of the CS Woods Denver Warehouse and see our woodyard and woodshop! Bring your team or family and check out the most unique store in Denver! Walk the world of woods with us check out over 50 species, and see some of the largest and widest slabs available in the US. This facility is open to the public, and we LOVE to give personal tours. Come and listen to the stories about the trees in our collection! We are truly tree to table, and every piece is hand-selected by us and carries a special story that we look forward to sharing with you. Collector's Specialty Woods is a craftsman-focused lumber company and custom furniture builder located in Colorado. We offer the best and driest natural live edge wood slabs and furniture stock. Our wood is Rocky Mountain kiln dry and ready to be used throughout the USA. We focus on American hardwoods and sustainably harvested and reclaimed material. Our extended family of sawyers, collectors, and woodsmen provides us with access to particularly hard-to-find, large, high-quality, specialty wood slabs. Along with our extensive hand-selected inventory, CSWoods also offers milling, custom woodworking, and experience working with reclaimed wood. The inventory is pictured on our website and you can visit us at our open warehouse located just twenty minutes from Denver International Airport.

CSWoods is a four-generation Colorado family business that offers a personal experience, providing as much guidance as you require, and ensuring that you receive exceptional, knowledgeable service. A Colorado Heritage family, CS Woods represents four generations of wood lovers. We are passionate about wood. We are here because when you love something, you want to protect it and share it responsibly. We all belong to the great family of life who call the earth home. Stuart Mace of Aspen Colorado, the father of Kent Mace, CS Woods owner, held a class at his home in the Ashcroft Valley called “the Philosophy of the Green World” and used his hand-built home, called Toklat, as the base for his and his wife Isabel’s championing of the back to the land, natural foods and hand-crafted lifestyle. Kent Mace, our owner, is a direct product of that philosophy and brings a high level of personal integrity to everything we do here at CS Woods. From the felling of mature trees to the careful delivery of custom-crafted heirloom furniture, everything we do reflects our sense of belonging to earth. Build beautiful, build natural.