Maple Burl Desk Top


  • Dimensions: rough round at 65" long x 22" to 34" wide  x 2.25" thick
    Height with base: Jarvis adjustable desk frame adjusts from 23.75" to 49.25" (add 2.25" for desk top)

  • Wood: Big leaf maple tree
    Sourced: Skagit River Valley, Washington
    Old private collection
  • Colorado Air Dry (Has been drying for 20+ years)

  • Description - Natural burl edges with cut curved front edge.  Highly figured burl with clear fills.
  • Base: Jarvis Sit-Stand Desk. Sit-stand desk frame supports 350 lb lifting capacity with quiet motorized 1.5" per second height adjustment. (Purchase from Jarvis suppliers or us.)

  • Finish: Sand polished from 80 to 400 grit. Tough - water/alcohol resistant. Six coats of sustainable, natural and earth-friendly polymerized tung oil and Uralkyd resin.
    - Refinishable

    Inventory #2217 
    Price is for top only. Jarvis Sit-Stand Desk base as pictured available installed with cable management. Other base options are also available.