Hackberry Traditional Table Top


  • Dimensions: 120" long x 45" wide x 1 7/8" thick

  • Wood: Hackberry
    Sourced: Amish sawmill, Michigan

  • Rocky Mountain kiln dried by CS Woods

  • Description: three piece glue-up, no live edge, varied color range, reveal between pieces

  • Legs: Photographed with Black Steel Treble Legs (#2048) with adjustable height levelers
    Material: 1' x 3" steel tubing
    Finish: textured matte black powder coat
  • Finish: Sand polished from 80 to 400 grit. Tough - water/alcohol resistant. Six coats of sustainable, natural and earth-friendly polymerized Tung oil and Uralkyd resin.
    - Refinishable

    Table INV #2146
    Price does not include legs. We have many styles of custom legs and bases available!