Why Macho is Dead

Wearing safety equipment can be a hassle.  You left your eye protection at the table saw and now you are running the router, all set to go, and realize your glasses are across the room.  Ear muffs are uncomfortable over your AirPods.  There are loads of reasons. OSHA paid us a surprise visit a couple years ago and said we were the cleanest shop they’d seen. They asked us to put yellow tape around our fire extinguishers … and then left us to get back to work.  You probably aren’t running a commercial shop, where the health and safety of your employees is your greatest concern.  It might be just you in your garage.  You still need dust masks or respirators, ear and eye protection and all the fences and pushers that protect your precious fingers. Personal hygiene can be a problem too, loose clothes and long hair. I have a shop employee right now with a long beard. Do I tell him to tie it up or cut it back?  Chemicals, adhesives, solvents and finishes can cause skin irritation.  Sanding vibration has its own set of problems.  Then there is fire. I’ll never forget the day a small pile of rags slowly come to life before my eyes.  They were on a concrete slab, outdoors, in the daylight, I couldn’t really see the flames, but something caught my eye and there it was. Be your own best friend.  Live long and prosper.  Safety first. 

June 08, 2023 — Alana Mace