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Live edge joinery by Next Level Carpentry! Using CS Woods kiln dry elm slabs, Matt Jackson shares his master carpentry skills and creates these gorgeous cabinet doors. 

We are thrilled to be featured on Next Level Carpentry.  We work hard to create a product that woodworkers like Matt feel comfortable investing their time, tools and livelihood in.  Our entire operation has been built around the goal of creating the most stable wood products possible in the widest, thickest and most beautiful stock. 

From Matt's Website:

"Matt Jackson began his construction career in 1972 working for a remodeling contractor. After a brief stint doing auto-body work on exotic and historic cars, he returned to framing and trimming high-end custom homes. When he’s not working, Matt tries to find time to hike, rock-climb, or ice-climb, and to travel with his wife Kathy. They live in the Black Hills of South Dakota."

Kind words from Matt about CS Woods:

"Here's a link to Collector's Specialty Woods in Denver: If you follow that link, be prepared to be amazed. If you ever have opportunity to visit CS Woods warehouse/showroom, be prepared to be utterly amazed! In addition to an eye-popping, mind boggling inventory of gorgeous wood slabs of every species and on a grand scale, everyone I encountered in the business from the owner to warehouse/sales staff were as enthusiastic as they are knowledgeable about wood. They were well able to dial in to what I was looking for to the extent that I felt each person felt a bit of 'ownership' of the project and worked to make this Live Edge Joinery project happen. However you interact with this next level business I hope you'll tell them you learned about CS Woods on Next Level Carpentry."

Thanks, Matt! 

If you have watched some of Matt's videos and are feeling inspired, we are here to help!  We have slabs, advice and support!  

June 25, 2020 — Alana Mace