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As The Tree Grows: A Family History

The Mace Family wood story presented though tree rings.  Our love of wood and the creation of Collector's Specialty Woods.

How It Happened: by Amos Mace

The Beginning

During the early 1940s, just as the battles of WWII were starting in Europe, Stuart Mace was late returning to his post in the 10th Mountain Division at Camp Hale near Leadville Colorado. He had been visiting his wife and newborn son in Salida and had likely missed his ride back to Camp Hale; so he was hitch-hiking up the Arkansas River Valley trying to get back to his post. I’m not sure if he knew something special was occurring when the log truck pulled over and he hoisted himself in the passenger seat, but over 60 years later it is clear to me that serendipity was having its way and history was in the works.

Four Generation Friendship

It not clear just how long Stuart rode in that truck, where it dropped him off, or even exactly who was driving the truck; but the relationship established during that short ride turned into a four generation long friendship. Once Stuart got out of the service he called upon the logging family he had met to provide materials for multiple buildings he built in Aspen, Colorado during the time period where the sleepy town was transitioning into the destination resort town as we now know it. Stuart used the material to build his family a home in the mountains above Aspen. Then he used more to build a high mountain hut which became his resting place. His children followed their father’s course, and when they built their homes and businesses they used materials from the same family and sawmill. When Stuart’s son and my father, Kent, started CSWoods and wanted to sell a Colorado produced product; the old friendship was rekindled and the 100+ year old circular blade sawmill was again set to cutting out lumber products and making sawdust. That same circular sawmill cut railroad ties for the first Railroad up the Arkansas River and is now cutting slabs and lumber for use in residential and commercial interiors throughout the country.

Love for wood - around the world and here in Colorado

As descendant, my entire idea of what lumber is has been formulated by the products he bought not only from his Colorado logger friends, but with the loggers and millers he found all over the world. The wood products available at CSWoods are not only the products of Mother Nature, hard work, and ingenuity; but often times they are the products of generations of friendships. As a Mace Family business, CSWoods is proud to offer its patrons the same materials the Mace Family has been using for generations to provide shelter and comfort for its members high in the Colorado Rockies.