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Along with our extensive inventory of raw, live edge slabs and lumber, CSWoods also carries milled tops. These tops are available planed, or leveled and sanded. Our custom woodshop is also able to mill our raw slabs to your specifications. Please feel free to contact us regarding these services.

Milling Services:

Diehl straight line rip saw with wise guide and laser: 4" thickness capacity.

Large plank leveling (42” Whitney Planer and 24” ¼ inch Atlantic joiner).

Rail Routing for 42"

Table top sanding: (52” Timesaver sander)

Custom saw milling (Wood-Mizer)

Woodshop work including bartops, vanities and tables


Walnut live edge wood slab and lumber leveling is done on our 42” Whitney Planer

42" Whitney Planer

One of the busiest tools in the shop!

Leveling natural edge wood slabs on our 42” Whitney Planer
Surfacing Claro Walnut and Maple live edge wood slabs.

Surfacing Claro Walnut and Maple slabs.

The grain pattern revealed.

Milling a Claro walnut live edge wood slab.


52 Inch Timesaver Sander in our woodshop and drying facility in Southern Colorado.

52" Timesaver Sander

Live edge slabs wait their turn to be sanded.

Sanding a live edge walnut coffee table top on the 52 inch Timesaver sander.


The widest live edge tops are leveled by being routed on rails.

Rail Routing

The widest slabs require routing on rails.

Routing wide live edge wood slab table tops.


Black walnut live edge crotch table top is floor sanded by hand.

New uses for the floor sander!

Alan is a Pro. Sometimes he does it in his socks.

Alan uses the floor sander to get the wide live edge wood slabs nice and smooth.


A close-up of a live edge wood table top being floor sanded.

No slab is too big.

We are always up for a challenge. What size do you need?

A huge live edge wood table top is being finished in the millroom at CSWoods South.