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Dimensional Lumber and Burls

There's a world wide market for American hardwoods and competition is fierce. Other companies keep on hand a wide selection of species. CSWoods adds to its dimensional lumber collection when there is an unusual story, a sawyer relationship or particularly unique product such as our recent acquisition of inch thick spalted maple. Our maple burl collection from the Skagit River Valley was all reclaimed from the abandoned stumps of trees harvested for maple lumber. Hardwood trees are typically selectively harvested rather than clear cut like soft woods. We seek out unusual heirloom American species and very occasionally add an exotic like our extraordinary eco-teak collection, from a plantation grown source.

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Highlights from our dimensional stock

Claro Walnut dimensional lumber

Walnut Lumber

We carry claro, black, and graft walnut dimensional lumber.  This wood is kiln dried and handsorted.  Various widths and thickness in stock.

White Oak dimensional lumber

White Oak

An excellent choice for furniture. Much of our stock is figured, quartercut, and very wide.  This wood has an incredible American Hi story.

Reclaimed Barnwood


A weathered, gray patinated, reclaimed wood in 16 foot lengths with a 6" face. Perfect for that antique accent on walls or furniture.

Spalted Maple Lumber

Spalted Maple Lumber

This maple was tight packed for over a year to encourage heavy spalting. It is kiln dried and is available in 5' to 8' + lenghts and up to 15" widths. There is even some wormy available.

Beetlekill pine and Douglas fir dimensional lumber

Beetlekill Pine and Doug Fir

These species are Colorado local and cut to spec for CSWoods.   The beetlekill pine, also know as bluestain, looks great in commercial and residential settings. We also have both species in live edge.

Cherry lumber bookmatches and sets

Cherry Bookmatches/Sets

We have a special selection of figured cherry bookmatches and sets. Perfect for furniture, these offer consistency in color and grain. Call the sales guys to see what is currently available.


Looking for something specific?

Call our sales staff and they will help you find just the wood you are looking for. Coming soon you can search for lumber in our stock through our online catalog.